• Grafoil Gasket Size 1


    GRAFOIL® flexible graphite material is engineered for critical sealing applications for internal combustion engines, fluid sealing applications and related systems.
    Standard Industrial Grade flexible graphite sheet with an oxidation/corrosion inhibitor and typically 98% carbon content. Its leachable chlorine content is less than 15ppm. It is an ideal facing material for flat gaskets and filler material for spiral-wound gaskets. It contains no binders or resins.
    Flexible graphite sheet is inhibited for high oxidation / corrosion resistance that can be used for most fluid sealing and industrial applications. Grade GTX contains an inorganic, nonmetallic, passive corrosion and oxidation inhibitor that allows a maximum continuous use temperature of 1000°F (538°C) in oxidizing environments.

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  • Maxos level Gauge Glass (High Pressure) #1



    Flat Level Gauge Glass (High Pressure)

    Take advantage of our extensive range of reflex and transparent glasses for installation in liquid level gauges. The level gauge glass program also includes high pressure transparent sight glasses for special armatures.