Established in 2001

Our business was opened by my parents & my “Aunt Sandy” who had 30 years of experience working with a previous distributor of glass. It began as a family owned distributor of Specialty Glass products for multiple manufacturers. i.e. Owens Corning, DeDietrich process systems, Schott North America, & other manufacturers of accessory products. In 2013, I sold my ownership in DACA, my parents and Sandy prepared for retirement, & I took ownership in 2014. In 2015, I started a Specialty Services division at Sandys Glass.

While my parents were distributing glass in the industrial market from 2001 to 2014, I acquired ownership, performed as Operations Manager, planned an end to a very successful chapter in my career. I always wanted to do as my father and own my own business. I officially acquired a minority ownership in DACA Specialty Services in 2000 after working thru the ranks of the field and into management. From 2000 to 2013, we grew the company from 2.5 million in revenue to over 25 million to include 3 divisions. Each division operated as a separate entity under a parent company. Although the experience was very rewarding and I was given complete control to run operations as i saw fit, it never felt like my business. In 2010, the founder offered to sell DACA to myself and another minority partner. I just couldn’t see buying what I could build. We agreed to stay together until he found a buyer of all our shares. A special thanks to Marshall Morton & David Ogletree for being amazing mentors.